SPORTS CLUBS 2017-2018

TIMETABLE 2017-2018

 Please ensure you are linked into the school app to receive notifications regarding sports activities in school.

                 MONDAY             TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY         THURSDAY
    ATHLETICS - All members      RUGBY - All members    CAMOGIE 1st & 2nd Yrs      LIFE SAVING 
    4-5pm School Grounds      4-5pm School Grounds      3.15pm-4.15pm School Grounds      SWAN CENTRE  7-8am
   GAELIC FOOTBALL     BASKETBALL -Cadets & Seniors     BADMINTON - all members      TABLE TENNIS - all  members  Seniors
    4-5pm School Grounds      4-6pm - School Gym      3.15pm-4.15pm - Swan Leisure          
     3.15pm- 4.15pm School    GYM       
                3.15pm-5.15pm School GYM       3.15-5.15pm -Swan Leisure