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    St Louis High School's

    Responsible Rules Use Policy

    • Please note that all users of MOODLE are bound by St Louis High School's Responsible Rules Use Policy
    • MOODLE is provided to support teaching and learning activities, and appropriate action will be taken if abuses of MOODLE cause offence or distress to our users.
    • Always LOG OUT of MOODLE when you have finished using it.
    • If you wish to report any concerns you have in relation to an abuse of MOODLE, please inform your teacher immediately.

St. Louis High School, Rathmines, Dublin.
Online Learning

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St Louis High School Mission Statement

St. Louis High School is a dynamic centre of learning where we are all happy and secure.

We nurture creativity and embrace diversity while building on our rich traditions in an atmosphere of generosity.

We share in the journey towards deeper understanding in this complex world.

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